S. J. Schaer

Wings of Battle

A Spiral War Novel

The accidental destruction of the starship Mallard ignited a galactic war between the Universal Confederacy of Sentient Beings and the Galactic Federation, changing billions of lives forever.

With enemies encroaching on the Confederacy, will young cadet Blazer Vaughnt have the courage to rise to the call, gain his wings, and fly into battle to end the bloodshed once and for all?

Dive into the Liberator’s space opera series:

  • Book 1: Wings of Battle
  • Book 2: In Death’s Shadow
  • Book 3: Rising Threat

In Death’s Shadow

Darkness hides in the hearts of even the most virtuous.

Rising Threat

Things Just got real.

Armegeddon's Pall

They thought they’d faced their greatest fear.  They were wrong.

Hell's Razer

They’d earned a break, an easy assignment.  The war had other ideas.

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September 2022 Update

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June 2019 Newsletter

Welcome Spiral War Fans to the June 2019 Spiral War Newsletter. First off, let me welcome you to the inaugural Spiral War Newsletter.  I do apologize for not getting this started sooner, but life had a way of pushing this onto the backburner. We have a lot of...