Schan “Blazer” Vaughnt Dossier

Personnel File

Name:Shan Vaughnt
Rank:Cadet, former E-4 “Specialist”
Date of Birth (UCSB):978.236
Place of Birth:UCSBS-Vaurnel
Species: Anulian-Human
Genetic Specialty:Energy Gatherer
Height (Me):5.96
Mass (KiloBar):19.4
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Political Affiliation:UCSB
Primary MOS:Spec Ops Command Cadet
Secondary MOS:Aerospace Craft Pilot Cadet
Weapon Proficiencies:Combat Knife, D-6 Plaser Pistol, P-8 Plaser Rifle
Ship Qualifications:Splicer 1000 (Flight Training)
Assignment:Camp Archen: (996.271-996.321) {Enlistment Training}
Cathedral 4: (996.330-997.010) {Mapper’s Guild Technical Training}
MGS-9834: (997.011-1000.140) {Jump Buoy Specialist-Leader}
UCSBA-13: (1000.141- Current) {Officer Candidate Training}
Certifications:Level 5: EVA Specialty
Level 4: Archery, Small Arms, Communications, Electronics Repair, Swimming, Mathematics
Level 3: Leadership, Atmospheric Pilot, Survival Skills, Mechanical Repair
Level 2: First Aid, Hand to Hand Combat, Aerospace Design, Mechanical Design, Navigation
Level 1: Tactics
School (Degree):Silver Canyon School, Capben, Anul: (Grad: 996.235) {Scores available}
Mapper’s Guild Tech Training: (Grad: 996.379) {Buoy Mx Certified}
Capben Interweave Academy: (997.141-1000.119) {Aerospace Engineering Degree, Xfer to UCSBA-13}
UCSBA-13: (1000.141-Current {(Major: Aerospace Engineering, Minor: Physics, In Progress}
Significant Events:985.030: (UCSBS Vaurnel Destroyed)
996.202: Enlistment sign up
996.311: Assigned to Mapper’s Guild Service
999.361: Promotion to E-4 “Specialist”
999.385: Application to UCSB Officer Academy Accepted
1000.022: Garov-18965 Incident {Classified}
1000.036: Application to Special Operations Command, Forwarded
1000.067: Application to Special Operations Command, Accepted
1000.121: Official Transfer to Space Fleet Officer Candidacy from Mapper’s Guild Service

Personality Profile:

Captain Klain Fedler, MGS-9834, UCSB Date: 999.313

Born on the ill-fated UCSBS-Vaurnel, Technician Vaughnt earned the nickname Blazer at a young age.  This nickname has followed him until even now where he continues to be a trailblazer for his peers, one of the many reasons I have recommended him for promotion and acceptance into the officer’s academy.  

Blazer has proven quite personable with those in this command, regardless of rank, and as a leader of his buoy boy team.  His technical skills are enviable and his marksmanship is some of the best I have encountered since I left the fleet.  When left to his own accord he tends to be quiet and reserved, studying not only technical topics but those about the war with great interest.  He is quite attached to his team however and tends to obsess over the possibility of splitting the group up.

Though I have not witnessed his true combat prowess first hand; reviews of his old slamball games, and his comments while watching those vidcast from home shows him to be a fair, if simple tactician.

In addition his pursuit of an advanced degree is progressing well.  Were he to stay with the mapper’s guild I would recommend him to the guild academy once his academic work is complete, just as I did for our recently returned Navigator, Lazith Daikin.

Addendum: UCSB Date: 1000.024

In the wake of the incident at Garov 18965 I am requesting that the following personnel have their academy applications forwarded to Special Operations Command:  Schan Vaughnt, Arion Scotts, Eggedon Bichard, Deniv Prain.  Specialist Vaughnt and his team showed exceptional courage under fire in a situation that they had to training or preparation for, saving all but one member of my crew.  I do not blame them for this, but certainly feel that the Mapper’s Guild is not the place for these young men, and that Special Operations Command has the best opportunity to use their skills.