About SF Edwards

S.F. Edwards has always lived his life in the future, dreaming of spaceships, and alien worlds.

Creator of the Spiral War Military Sci-Fi Space Opera series, SF Edwards is a recognized expert in aircraft night vision equipment for military and civilian operators.  His work has been praised as “able to conjure up a world in just a few paragraphs and leave you wondering what will come.”  (Peter F. Hamilton).

A career of testing, evaluating and certifying military weapon systems and aircraft has given him an insight into military hardware and mindset that many science fiction authors do not.  Years of teaching aerospace concepts and history, as well as simulated flight instruction combined with his background in engineering has also afforded him an understanding of physics that shows in his writing.  “Does not overburden with the science, but makes a reader able to understand how the world works.”  (Good Reads Reviewer, Dani Hoots)

A weaver of stories his whole life, SF crafts stories in alien worlds that still make the characters feel familiar.  His characters, while often having exceptional qualities, also have human failings and issues that draw the reader in.

SF mentors other writers as a Veteran Reviewer on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Writer’s Workshop and multiple local writer’s groups.

His short stories have placed first in the Space Opera: Writers Summer 2016 Flash Fiction contest, as judged by Peter F. Hamilton, and second in the Spring 2016 contest as judged by David Farland.

SF now calls the Puget Sound area home with his wife and five sons, one of whom is afflicted with a severe lifelong disability.  The boys are his greatest joy and he works hard to make sure that they will become responsible, capable young men.