Feral-F Bomber Starship Registry

Starship Registry Data

“Say bomber to anyone in Confed space and they will typically picture the venerable Feral Bomber. That’s for good reason, the beasts have been in service for over two centuries, are still in production, and there is no end in sight to that. The Feral is here to stay and on flash in the pan bomber that has come along has unseated it from its throne. Sheol, I trained on the same Feral-E that my father and Grandfather flew, if the model hadn’t been retired and scrapped my son would have flown it too, assuming the war hasn’t ended by then.” Major Brin Strat after the taking of Fortress Valkyrie.

ASF-524 Feral-F
Class:All Environ Heavy Bomber
Manufacturer:Anulian Space Forces
Mass:47.56 Tonnes
Length:101 Metra
Span:90.56 Metra (Flight)
60 Metra (Landed)
Height:23.66 Me (Flight)
32.5 Me (Landed)
Thrust (max-torch):
3- Firestar-A Plasma Pulse Drives
111-333 G-Tonnes each
Power Plant:2-Fusion Reactors w/ Fusion Battery Backup
Max Acceleration:7G
Afterburner Acc:21G
Max G Load:26G
Hyperspace:Bore Reactor Hyperdrive
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll Rates:60/75/90 DPS
Shields (Fore/Aft):
150/150 DSR
Armor (Fore/Aft/Flank):30/35/32 HAR
Weapons:3: GM-60-4-M(300rds)
5: P-T-32-G Turrets
Missiles:60: XAM-27X Missiles
20: Gravity Bombs or
6: SAW-XXX class Heavy Torpedoes
4: Underwing Hardpoint Stations
Torpedoes:12: SAW-XXX class Heavy Torpedoes
Decoys:60 Standard Type
Craft Compliment:2: S-5000 (piggy back)
Duration:150 Decs
SSD Class:I

Designed as an interim bomber to face the original Gorvian threat, continuous upgrades and redesigns have kept the Feral Bomber in continuous service for over two centuries. The modern Feral has been so heavily redesigned over its lifetime that is bears little resemblance to its original form, maintaining only its trademark triple hull design.

The life of the Feral is so long due to it’s excellent design and ability to have numerous sub variants on the same basic space frame. The Feral-F was introduced immediately following the Battle of Tamkin’s Star replacing the Feral-E model. Visually the Feral-E and F are visually indistinguishable from the exterior. Beneath the skin they are two entirely different beasts. The entire avionics suite was replaced including an advanced ECM suite more powerful than even that on the E.3 ECM variant.

Common Variants:
F.1: bomber,
F.2: Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR)
F.3: Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)
F.4: Tanker
F.5: Spaceborne Warning and Control System (SWACS)
F.6: Special Operations Combat Insertion Craft (SOCIC).

Ships or bases with lay up facilities can order field modification kits to convert F.1 models to any other variant except the F.5.

ASF Model 524 Feral-F
All Environ Heavy Bomber
Bandit Raider Squadron
53rd Bomber Wing

Registry Key:

1- Pulsed Plasma Reaction Control Array (typ)
2- Wing Fold Joint
3- P-T-32-G (Dual GP-77-8-G Turret) x5
4- Firestar-A Reverse Thruster/Thermal Vent x6
5- SSA-216P (Forward Sensor Array)
6- Crew Escape Hatches x4
7- Firestar-A Thrust Control Vanes
8- ESG-94G EMT Shield Generator Control Spinners x2
9- ESG-94G Ion projectors/Graviton Focus Modules x8
10- Central Fuselage Bomb Bay
11- Lower Crew Access Hatch
12- Torpedo Loading Door x2
13- SSA(T)-215N (Torpedo Targeting/Guidance Array)
14- Atmospheric Control Surface (typ)/SSA-218D (Omnidirectional Sensor Array) x2
15- SSA-218E (Omnidirectional Sensor Array) x2
16- Cockpit (4 Place)
17- Primary Crew Access Door x2
18- Heavy nose armor
19- GM-60-4-M (300rds) x3
20- Main Landing Gear/De-Grav Generator x4
21- Stellar Hydrogen Intake/Thermal Exhaust Vent x4
22- Torpedo Launch Tube Doors x2
23- Firestar-A Plasma Pulse Drive Array x3

Detailed Images

Forward Cockpit Interior, lights off.
Cockpit Interior: Aft Looking Forward
Cockpit Interior, Forward Looking aft into Central Bomb Bay.
Top Detail with Shield Generator Access Doors Open
Weapon’s Bay Doors Open
Landing Gear Deployed
Firestar-A Engine Exhaust

Additional Images/Example Color Schemes