Datt 001 Dossier

Personnel File

Name:Datt 001
Rank:Cadet, former E-3 “Man at Arms”
Date of Birth (UCSB):979.001
Place of Birth:Zel-Tag Clone Facility 3A
Species: Anulian-Human
Genetic Specialty:N/A
Height (Me):6.15
Mass (KiloBar):21.5
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Blue
Political Affiliation:UCSB
Primary MOS:Spec Ops Cadet
Secondary MOS:Aerospace Craft Pilot Cadet
Weapon Proficiencies:Combat Knife, Mp-18-F Mass Driver Pistol, P-42-C Plaser Rifle, HRP-52-C Heavy Repeating Plaser
Ship Qualifications:Splicer 1000 (Flight Training)
Assignment:Demcin Military Intake Center: (997.002-997.052) {Enlistment Training}
Oltare Training Camp: (997.061-997.118) {Spaceborne Infantry Training}
128th Spaceborne Infantry Regiment: (997.119-1000.140)
FR-812 UCSBS-Trimack UCSBA-13: (1000.141- Current) {Officer Candidate Training}
Certifications:Level 5: Small Arms, Communications, Level 4: Cold Weather Specialization, Tracking, Fieldcraft, Art Level 3: Hand to Hand Combat, Survival Skills, Mechanical Repair Level 2: Mechanical Design, Navigation, Mathematics Level 1: First Aid, Leadership, Tactics
School (Degree):Dome 3C Education Center, Zel-Tag: (Grad: 996.385) {Scores available}
UCSBA-13: (1000.141-Current {(Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Meteorology, In Progress}
Significant Events:996.361: Enlistment sign up
997.042: Assigned to Spaceborne Infantry
999.386: Promotion to E-3 “Man at Arms”
1000.065: Application to Special Operations Command, Forwarded
1000.107: Application to Special Operations Command, Accepted
1000.138: Official Transfer to Space Fleet Officer Candidacy

Personality Profile:

Major Dran Sconul, 128th Spaceborne Infantry Regiment, UCSB Date: 1000.061

Non-conformist.  That’s how to describe E-3 Datt.  One would never know from talking to Datt that he come from Zel-Tag.  Maybe it’s because he’s a mixed parent clone but the man shows few of the tendencies common with the colonials from that world.  Without reading his dossier one would be hard pressed to know he was from Zel-Tag.  The same cannot be said for his friend Treb-017.

Datt is beyond outgoing.  He socializes with all members of the regiment no matter their species, gender, or beliefs and added custom artwork to the armor of many.  Reports of his socialization extending into experimentation have filtered through, but such is normal with young sentients.

His willingness to discover new things would make him an ideal candidate for an exploration ship.  His grasp of science is also strong enough to earn him such an appointment should SOC not wish to acquire him.

My reasoning for forwarding his application to SOC is simple.  His unassuming demeanor hides a warrior.  Our encounters with hostile forces have shown a soldier capable and willing to kill his enemy without hesitation.  Partnered with a strong team he will prove a force to be reckoned with.