Eggedon Bichard Dossier

Personnel File

Name:Eggedon Bichard
Rank:Cadet, former E-3 “Technician”
Date of Birth (UCSB):978.001
Place of Birth:Northern Hive, Corether
Species: Coretherian
Gender:Male Drone*
Genetic Specialty:Free Will**
Height (Me):Variable: 5.95-8.1
Mass (KiloBar):16
Hair Color:N/A
Eye Color:Green Multifaceted
Political Affiliation:UCSB
Primary MOS:Spec Ops Cadet
Secondary MOS:Aerospace Craft Pilot Cadet
Weapon Proficiencies:Combat Knife, Pp-96-A Plaser Pistol, P-42-C Plaser Rifle, PMD-52-E Main Battle Rifle, RL-63 Rocket Launcher
Ship Qualifications:Splicer 1000 (Flight Training)
Assignment:Camp Archen: (996.271-996.321) {Enlistment Training}
Cathedral 4: (996.330-997.010) {Mapper’s Guild Technical Training}
MGS-9834: (997.011-1000.140) {Jump Buoy Specialist}
UCSBA-13: (1000.141- Current) {Officer Candidate Training}
Certifications:Level 5: Communications
Level 4: Hand to Hand Combat, Communications, Electronics Repair, Mathematics, Survival Skills
Level 3: Navigation, Survival Skills, Small Arms, Music
Level 2: First Aid, Mechanical Repair, Navigation
Level 1: Animal Handling
School (Degree):Silver Canyon School, Capben, Anul: (Grad: 996.235) {Scores available}
Mapper’s Guild Tech Training: (Grad: 996.379) {Buoy Mx Certified}
Capben Interweave Academy: (997.141-1000.119) {Electrical Engineering Degree, Xfer to UCSBA-13}
UCSBA-13: (1000.141-Current {(Major: Electrical Engineering, Minor: Communications, In Progress}
Significant Events: 980.378: Escaped Homeworld of Corether
981.065: Placed with Anulian Foster Family
996.204: Enlistment sign up
996.311: Assigned to Mapper’s Guild Service
999.031: Promotion to E-3 “Specialist”
999.385: Application to UCSB Officer Academy Accepted
1000.022: Garov-18965 Incident {Classified}
1000.036: Application to Special Operations Command, Forwarded

Personality Profile:

Captain Klain Fedler, MGS-9834, UCSB Date: 999.313

Technician Bichard is one of the most unusual beings I have ever served with.  A Coretherian, he is, I believe, the only member of his race to leave his homeworld.  Though classified as a drone, he exhibits sentience and a level of intelligence equal to any I have served alongside.  His desire to serve and willingness to become an officer is one that I cannot deny and so I nominate him for inclusion in the Confederation Space Forces Academy.

Through some quirk of evolution young Bichard was born sentient, something unheard out outside the queens of his species.  Once he learned the fate that awaited him, he escaped from his homeworld, stowing away on a private freighter, the Bichard, with another drone egg.  The other egg was unfortunately destroyed in transit, splashing him with its contents.  Once he was discovered by the crew of the freighter they named him its honor and for the condition they found him in, Eggedon Bichard.

From there he was raised around Anulians, and adopted our customs and mannerisms as well as his physiology would allow.  That physiology has allowed him great freedom as a spacer.  He can transit open space without a suit for a short time, and his antennae allow him to pick up on stray EM signatures with ease, cutting diagnosis times for many repairs.

He has also proven himself as a fearsome individual, scaring away those that might do our crew harm.  He is not all appearances though in that regard and has definite claws one must watch out for in a fight.

He is no cold blooded killer though.  He’s hobby of creating his own music is one that should be noted, the haunting melodies he plays on his own secreted resin a thing to listen to with wonder.  It is like he can tune into the music of the spheres, as it was once called.

I will hate to lose him as a crewer.  He belongs to space as sure as any I have ever known and will make a fine officer.  He will do the Guild credit in the Space Forces.  I just wish I had more like him.

Addendum: UCSB Date: 999.367

Dr Koril Nart, PHD Capben University, Anul

REDACTED Due to Potential Proposed Civil Rights Violations

Addendum: UCSB Date: 1000.024

In the wake of the incident at Garov 18965 I am requesting that the following personnel have their academy applications forwarded to Special Operations Command:  Schan Vaughnt, Arion Scotts, Eggedon Bichard, Deniv Prain.  This team showed exceptional courage under fire in a situation that they had no training or preparation for, saving all but one member of my crew.  I do not blame them for this, but certainly feel that the Mapper’s Guild is not the place for these young men, and that Special Operations Command has the best opportunity to use their skills.