In Death’s Shadow

Darkness can hide in the hearts and past of even the most virtuous.

Barely having time to catch their breaths after the Galactic Federation’s attack on the academy, the Monstero Nach proceed into Special Operations training without a clear leader. This place them under the tutelage of the fearsome Telshin Warrior, Tadeh Qudas. The opening salvos of the course will push them all their limits and beyond, and not all of them will make it through.

All the while ghost from Blazer’s past emerge to ahunt him and his family. The Electrolites, a cult of Energy Gatherers, though long dead, reach out to follow Blazer and his sister, Jell. Their actions resurrect memories and events, though buried, that threaten not only the siblings, but all the cadets fight for.

With their losses mounting the Blade Force will be tested as never before, and even their training might not be enough.

In Death’s Shadow is the second book in the Spiral War military sci-fi series, and will take the reader across the Confederation and it’s homeworlds. It opens a new chapter in the Blade Force’s training as threats from within their own borders destabilize all they hold dear.