Starship Registry Data

“The Splicer 5000 isn’t a fighter.  It’s an extension of the pilot’s body and will.  Flying one is like growing your own wings,” Toran Markus, Splicer 5000 lead test pilot and first Splicer 5000 ace.

Splicer 5000 “Firehawk”
Class:All Environ Superiority Fighter
Manufacturer:Splicer Corp.
Mass:5.37 Tonnes
Length:46.91 Metra
Span:34.73 Metra
Height:8.36 Metra
Thrust (max-torch):
2-X9 Plasma Drives
27.7-83.2 G-Tonnes each
Power Plant:3- Photon Energizers
Max Acceleration:10.3G
Afterburner Acc:31.0G
Max G Load:39.0G
Hyperspace:Requires Hypersled
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll Rates:110/180/180 DPS
Shields (Fore/Aft):
75/75 DSR
Armor (Fore/Aft/Flank):15/15/15 HAR
Weapons:2: GP-77-8-C Plaser Cannon
2: E-13-77-G Narfic Cannon
2: D-B-6-G Bio-Cannon
Missiles:3: 3 XAM-27X Missile Packs
2: SAM-281 Long Range Missile
4: Underwing Hardpoint Stations
Torpedoes:2: SEAW-304-LL Shark Light Torpedoes
Decoys:32 Standard Type
Craft Compliment:N/A
Duration:30 Decs
SSD Class:L/L,L+

The Splicer 5000 All Environ Superiority Fighter currently makes up the bulk of the UCSB Fighter forces. The fighter is the direct evolution of the, now retired, 4000 model Splicer. Originally based on the space frame of the 4000 the Splicer 5000 is a whole new beast. The splicer 5000 is the most versatile fighter in service. Its impressive array of armament include a pair of shark torpedoes giving it a strong strike capability.

Splicer 5000s are easily serviced, the modular design allowing for individual systems to be readily replaced in the field. The Splicer 5000 features an equipment bay on the dorsal structure above the engines. This bay allows for the installation of mission specific hardware modules, such as advanced communications gear, hypersled control modules and Sensor Masking Systems. The modular design also allows for easy weapon substitution.

Marine Variants of the Splicer 5000 typically replace the wingtip mounted Bio-cannons with Mass Driver, and heavy assault variants replace the Narfic Cannons with heavy mass drivers, and the bio cannons with Heavy PLASERs.

Heavy assault Splicer 5000’s also feature under fuselage missile pylons, while these hard points are featured on all variants they are typically not used as they leave the missiles exposed.

Splicer Corp Model 5000
All Environ Superiority Fighter
Firehawk Squadron, UCSBS-Wolfsbane

Registry Key:

1- D-B-6-G Bio-Cannon (150rds) x2
2- GP-77-8-C Chain Plaser (800rds) x2
3- SSA-369X Omnidirectional Sensor Pod x4
4- Electromagnetic Impulser Thrust Control Array (typ)
5- Docking Claw Attachment/Umbilical Hardpoint x2
6- X9 Plasma Drive Primary Thrust Control Ring
7- SSA(T)-364D (Forward Targeting Array)
8- ESG-185E Shield Generator
9- Electromagnetic Impulser Thrust Control Array (typ)
10- Atmospheric Control Surface (typ)
11- GP-77 Cooling Module x4
12- SAM-281 External Large Missile Pallet
13- Main Landing Gear/De-Grav Generator x2
14- X9 Plasma Drive Reverse Thrust Maneuvering Vanes/Atmospheric Drag Reduction Cover
15- Shark Launcher 2×1
16- Nose Gear/De-Grav Generator
17- XAM-27X Missile Launcher Port 3×4
18- E-13-77-G Narfic Cannon x2
19- De-Grav Generator x2
20-Cockpit Module (2 Seat)
21- SSA-366C (Forward Sensor Array)
22- Stellar Hydrogen Intake/Thermal Exhaust Vent x2
23- Dorsal Stabilizer x2 (Markings Removed)
24- Ventral Stabilizer x2 (Markings Removed)
25- X9 Plasma Drive x2

Detailed Images

Main Engine Exhaust and Thrust Arrays
Missile Launchers and Shark Tubes
Narfic Cannon, Thrust Area, Open Reverse Thruster
Plaser and Bio-Cannons
Cockpit Interior
Cockpit Module Separation

Additional Images/Example Color Schemes