Treb 017 Dossier

Personnel File

Name:Treb 017treb-dossier.png
Rank:Cadet, former E-3 “Man At Arms”
Date of Birth (UCSB):979.001
Place of Birth:Zel-Tag Clone Facility 3A
Genetic Specialty:N/A
Height (Me)6.1
Mass (KiloBar):21.5
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Blue
Political Affiliation:UCSB
Primary MOS:Spec Ops Command Cadet
Secondary MOS:Aerosapce Craft Pilot Cadet
Weapon Proficiencies:Combat Knife, Mp-18-F Mass Driver Pistol, MD-42-D Plaser Rifle, HRP-52-C Heavy Repeating Plaser
Ship Qualifications:Splicer 1000 (Flight Training)
Assignment:Demcin Military Intake Center: (997.002-997.052) {Enlistment Training}
Oltare Training Camp: (997.061-997.118) {Spaceborne Infantry Training}
128th Spaceborne Infantry Regiment: (997.119-1000.140)
FR-812 UCSBS-Trimack
UCSBA-13: (1000.141- Current) {Officer Candidate Training}
Certifications:Level 5: Small Arms, Communications, 
Level 4: Cold Weather Specialization, Tracking, Fieldcraft
Level 3: First Aid, Hand to Hand Combat, Survival Skills
Level 2: Mechanical Design, Navigation, Mathematics
Level 1: Leadership, Tactics, Mechanical Repair
School (Degree):Dome 3C Education Center, Zel-Tag: (Grad: 996.385) {Scores available}
Zel-Tag Distance Learning: (999.141-1000.128) {Nursing Degree Xfer to UCSBA-13}
UCSBA-13: (1000.141-Current {Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Meteorology, In Progress}
Significant Events:996.361: Enlistment sign up
997.042: Assigned to Spaceborne Infantry
1000.013: Promotion to E-3 “Man at Arms”
1000.065: Application to Special Operations Command, Forwarded
1000.107: Application to Special Operations Command, Accepted
1000.138: Official Transfer to Space Fleet Officer Candidacy

Personality Profile:

Major Dran Sconul, 128th Spaceborne Infantry Regiment, UCSB Date: 1000.061

Dedicated.  E-3 Treb is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever served alongside.  Once he has committed to a course of action he sticks to it until the bitter end.  His colonial heritage is also quite important to him, and he will sometimes list the accomplishments of those in his clone line as if they were his own.  This is almost the polar opposite of his friend, Datt-001

Treb can be quite the loner unfortunately and is slow to open up to most squadmates, especially the females.  I believe this is due to his upbringing in a male only dome on Zel-Tag and he tends to stick close to Datt as a response.

His pursuit of a nursing degree is admirable and has forced him to open up to other members of the regiment.  His dedication to treatment even under fire is admirable, and proof that there is hope for him having a future in the Space Forces.  It did not surprise me that he applied for the academy the cycle after Datt announced his own application.

Had he applied separately I would not recommend Treb for SOC service.  However, teamed with his old friend Datt, he becomes a formidable fighter.  The pair make an excellent team, a true force to be reckoned with.  For that reason I feel he at least deserves the chance to prove himself.