Splicer-3000 “Marker” Starship Registry

Starship Registry Data

“Ugly, Sheol, there is nothing prettier than a Splicer 3000 coming up over a hill, guns blazing, when you are hunkered down in a ditch with enemy tanks pinning you down.  Nothing kills tanks deader,” General Orn Trill to reporters after taking Kimmer Three.

Splicer 3000 “Marker”
Class:Light Assault Bomber
Manufacturer:Splicer Corp.
Mass:14.05 Tonnes
Length:46.13 Metra
Span:38.65 Metra
Height:9.64 Metra
Thrust (max-torch):
4-U10 Plasma Drives
25.64-76.92 G-Tonnes each
Power Plant:4 Photon Energizers
Max Acceleration:7.3G
Afterburner Acc:21.9G
Max G Load:28G
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll Rates:75/100/110 DPS
Shields (Fore/Aft):
100/110 DSR
Armor (Fore/Aft/Flank):25/30/25 HAR
Weapons:2: GP-77-8-C Plaser
2: E-13-77-G Narfic Cannon
1: QAM-36-LL Anti-Matter Cannon
Missiles:1:34 XAM-27X Missile Pack
2: Internal Weapons Bays
6: Gravity on External Hardpoints
Torpedoes:6: SEAW-304-LL Shark Light Torpedoes
Decoys:30 Standard Type
Cargo:Light to Medium (Configuration dependent)
Up to 6 Passengers in shuttle configuration
Craft Compliment:N/A
Duration:30 Decs
SSD Class:K

The Splicer 3000 light assault bomber was one of the contenders for an assault missile boat to replace the aging Gentech 3.  The original production model Splicer 3000 were all built in what is now considered the standard asymmetric configuration. The admiralty at the time, disliking the configuration, ordered two variants be produced instead.  The Mark 2 Gunboat; replacing the Missile Pod with a second AntiMatter Cannon. And the Mark 3 Missile Boat; replacing the Anti-Matter Cannon with a second Missile Pod. Squadron commanders and pilots however disliked having two configurations.  After numerous petitions most squadrons switched back to the standard Mark 1 configuration. This proven modularity however convinced Splicer Corp to develop two more models, with numerous sub models of the craft.


Mark 1:  Standard Asymmetric Configuration
Mark 2: Gunboat
Mark 3: Missile Boat
Mark 4: ECM; features two additional seats and the replacement of all major weapon systems with scanning and/or jamming equipment
Mark 5: Executive Shuttle; based on Mk4 frame, replaces outboard modules with additional personnel carrying units.


MkxB: Replaces the standard Missile Pod with one that features a second Bomb Bay instead of the missile launchers.
MkxG: Replaces dorsal and ventral shark launchers with C8 based Plaser turrets.
MkxS: Replaces the standard Missile Pod with one that features 8 Shark Light Torpedo Tubes.
MkxT: Replaces the standard Missile Pod with one that features a single heavy anti-capitalship torpedo.

This modularity has made the Splicer 3000 popular with escort carriers and smaller militias due to the lower maintenance costs due to operating common craft.

Splicer Corp Model 3000 Mk1
All Environ Assualt Bomber

Dragon Rider Squadron,


Registry Key:

1- Electromagnetic Impulser Thrust Control Array (typ)
2- Atmospheric Control Surface (typ)
3- QAM-36-LL
4- U10 Plasma Drive Reverse Thrust Maneuvering Vanes/Atmospheric Drag Reduction Cover x4
5- U10 Plasma Drive Primary Thrust Control Ring x4
6- Docking Claw Attachment/Umbilical Hardpoint x2
7- SSA(T)-335D (Forward Targeting Array)
8- ESG-181I Shield Generator
9- XAM-27X Missile Launcher 26×1
10- Upper Bomb Bay Door/Access Hatch
11- Lower Bomb Bay Door/Access Hatch
12- MWC-192MB Missile/Bomb Bay Module
13- Main Landing Gear/De-Grav Generator x2
14- E-13-77-G x2
15- Nose Gear/De-Grav Generator
16- GP-77 Cooling Vent x2
17- SJU-263L (Sensor Jamming Pod) x2
18- SSA-338B (Omni-Directional Sensor Pod) x2
19- Cockpit Module (2 Seat, side by side)
20-SSA-333F (Forward Sensor Array)
21- GP-77-8-C Chain Plaser (800rds) x2
22- Shark Launcher 3×2
23- SSA(T)-336E (Anti-Matter Cannon Targeting Sensor)
24- Stellar Hydrogen Intake/Thermal Exhaust Vent x2
25- U10 Plasma Drive x4
26- Thermal/Missile Exhaust Vent
27- Anti-Matter Cannon Thermal Exhaust Vent

Detailed Images

Plaser and Narfic Cannons
Standard Configuration With Dorsal and Ventral Shark Packs, and Missile Pod.
Missile Pod and Revere Thrust Nozzle
Optional Shark Pack
Optional Heavy Torpedo Pack
Anti-Matter Cannon Open
Optional Turret and Dorsal Docking Latch

Additional Images/Example Color Schemes