Armageddon’s Pall

They Thought They’d Faced Their Greatest Fears.
They Were Wrong.

Having proven themselves capable against the Gorvian Strike Corvette that laid waste to their senior exploration transports, the Monstero Nach find themselves on the front line of a new war against an enemy wrought from their nightmares.

Nothing in their training could possibly prepare them for this new, monstrous enemy. Nothing could prepare the galaxy to fight against an enemy that gave no quarter, nor accepted any. From the first encounter this powerful enemy would hold the galaxy in the grip of destruction. 

Armageddon’s Pall is the fourth book in the Spiral War Military Sci-Fi series, and will take young officers of the Monstero Nach beyond the edge of civilized space and sanity. Against an enemy that is terror incarnate the prospect of victory will seem impossible, and the price beyond paying.