About the Universe

Spiral war presents a writing universe different than almost any seen before in literature or visual media.  Based as much as possible on hard science, with accepted, and emerging scientific theories as the bones of the universe it takes place in.  Even the more mystical aspects of the book and FTL are based on quantum theory.  The story is not bogged down with technobabble however focusing on the characters and how their actions, and those in the greater galaxy, affect them.  This is something that I feel most readers can relate to despite the alien characters and setting.

My background in engineering, aerospace education, and civilian service with various branches of the US and foreign militaries has given me an insight into the military mind-set and operations that many authors do not.  Had life gone differently I would have served and like to think I’d be supporting the troops today as an A-10 pilot.  This experience has also taught me to how relay information clearly, concisely, and from teaching teenagers, in an enteraining way.  Even when I have tech heavy chapters I keep things as engaging and real as possible in order to not lose the reader’s investment.