Marda Sciminder Dossier

Personnel File

Name:Marda Sciminder
Rank:Cadet, Former E-4 “Specialist”
Date of Birth (UCSB):978.013
Place of Birth:Cathedral 6 Station
Species: Anulian-Human
Genetic Specialty:Spiritual Medium
Height (Me):5.35
Mass (KiloBar):13.34
Hair Color:Auburn
Eye Color:Green
Political Affiliation:UCSB
Primary MOS:Spec Ops Field Medic Cadet
Secondary MOS:Aerospace Craft Pilot Cadet
Weapon Proficiencies:Combat Knife, D-6 Plaser Pistol, P-8 Plaser Rifle
Ship Qualifications:Class 1-4 Trans atmospheric Shuttle
Splicer 1000 (Flight Training)
Assignment:Camp Blake: (996.141-996.191) {Enlistment Training}
CFG Midduwn: (996.211-996.271) {Diplomatic Corps Training}
Cathedral 6: (996.272-1000.140) {Diplomatic Corps Shuttle Pilot}
UCSBA-13: (1000.141- Current) {Officer Candidate Training}
Certifications:Level 5: Animal Riding, First Aid
Level 4: Shuttle Pilot, Small Arms, Communications, Spirit Communications, Mathematics, Medicine
Level 3: Xenobiology, Psychology, Disguise, Diplomacy
Level 2: First Aid, Hand to Hand Combat
Level 1: Navigation
School (Degree):Class 2 Aerospace Shuttle Certificate: 994.131
Saint Toris’ School, Midduwn, Anul: (Grad: 995.375) {Scores available}
Diplomatic Corps Security Training: (Grad: 996.269) {Certified}
Class 4 Aerospace Shuttle Certificate: 998.116
Cathedral 6 University: (997.011-1000.119) {BS: Pre-Medicine}
UCSBA-13: (1000.141-Current) {Emergency Medical MD: In Progress}
Significant Events:996.102: Enlistment sign up
996.181: Assigned to Diplomatic Corps Service
999.116: Promotion to E-4 “Specialist”
999.381: Application to UCSB Officer Academy Accepted
1000.091: Cathedral-6 Terrorist Incident {Classified}
1000.101: Application to Special Operations Command, Forwarded
1000.119: Application to Special Operations Command, Accepted
1000.121: Official Transfer to Space Fleet Officer Candidacy from Diplomatic Corps Service.

Personality Profile:

Counselor Meri Valon, Cathedral-6, UCSB Date: 999.209

Born to a line of Combat Mediums, Marda Sciminder spent much of her young life in space following her father around on his various diplomatic missions.  In that time she interacted with the majority of Confed races, learning their customs and expectations.  It wasn’t until she was an adolescent that her latent abilities as a Medium blossomed, forcing her family to return to Anul so she could begin training in the mediumistic arts under her Grandmother.

Marda’s abilities as a medium developed quite well on Anul, but she always longed to return to the stars and acquired her civilian shuttle certificate before graduating from school.  Her work within the diplomatic corps has been exemplary, her ability to read a situation from her vantage point as a security officer, and later pilot, allowing her to defuse many situations before they escalate into violence.  

In addition, Marda is scheduled to complete her pre-med coursework by 1000.119, making her an excellent candidate for the Confederations Medical Corps.  Her ability to quickly diagnose a medical issue and settle on a course of action is fantastic, all the while using her abilities as a medium to calm the patient’s spirit.

I therefore recommend Specialist Sciminder for inclusion into the UCSB Space Forces Academy during the next available session.

Addendum: UCSB Date: 999.235

Diplomatic Officer Vorin Sciminder

REDACTED Due to Close Familial Relationship.

Addendum: UCSB Date: 1000.092

Security Forces Commander Mikle Pape, Cathedral 6.  Forwarded direct to Admiral Jerlin Sares.

By now the publicity surrounding the terrorist incident at Cathedral-6 has to have reached you at SOC.  Specialist Sciminder’s bravery and selflessness in resolving the issue, while downplayed in the media and official reports, cannot be overstated.  Crashing her shuttle into the tower the way she did saved countless lives, and her speed at retrieving our injured, while providing covering fire was on par with most soldiers this old Otlian has served alongside.  SOC would be remiss in not snatching this young woman up right away.