Splicer 2000 “Cutter” Starship Registry

Starship Registry Data

“When flying a Splicer 2000 remember, run in fire your load then turn and around and get the Sheol out of there. Just because you have guns doesn’t make you a dogfighter,” Commander Velick Trane shortly before his death.

Splicer 2000 “Cutter”
Class:Heavy Fighter/Interceptor
Manufacturer:Splicer Corp.
Mass:12.43 Tonnes
Length:64.38 Metra
Span:47.5 Metra
Height:11.46 Metra
Thrust (max-torch):
3-U5 Plasma Drives
49.7-149.1 G-Tonnes each
Power Plant:3- Photon Energizers
Max Acceleration:12.0G
Afterburner Acc:36.0G
Max G Load:39.5G
Hyperspace:Requires Hypersled
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll Rates:75/100/120 DPS
Shields (Fore/Aft):
95/90 DSR
Armor (Fore/Aft/Flank):20/25/20 HAR
Weapons:2: GP-77-8-C Plaser
2: GM-64-3-G MDC (300rds per)
Missiles:2:9 XAM-27X Missile Tubes
6: SAM-281 Long Range Missiles on External Hardpoints
Torpedoes:2: SEAW-304-LL Shark Light Torpedoes
Decoys:30 Standard Type
Craft Compliment:N/A
Duration:30 Decs
SSD Class:K

The Splicer 2000 Heavy Fighter/Interceptor came into service when the need for a long-range interceptor became increasingly apparent to the UCSB military high commanders.  The S.2000 is the fastest accelerating fighter in UCSB frontline service, but that speed comes at the cost of maneuverability.  Operational doctrine dictates that a Splicer 2000 make a high speed run towards the enemy fleet, engage with long and short range missiles, preferably while remaining sensor passive, then evade the enemy and return home.  Knowing that close in engagements could still occur, the S.2000 was equipped with short range cannons and missiles as well for self defence.  As a fleet defense interceptor Splicer 2000 crews spend the majority of their flights at key points around the battlegroup on watch for enemy craft.

Splicer Corp Model 2000
All Environ Heavy Fighter/Interceptor
I C’er Squadron, UCSBS-Wolfsbane

Registry Key:

1- Electromagnetic Impulser Thrust Control Array (typ)
2- XAM-27X Missile Launch Pack 6×4
3- U5 Plasma Drive Reverse Thrust Maneuvering Vanes/Atmospheric Drag Reduction Cover x2
4- U5 Plasma Drive Primary Thrust Control Ring
5- GP-77-8-C Chain Plaser (800rds) x2
6- GP-77 Cooling Vent x4
7- SSA(T)-323G (Forward Targeting Array)
8- ESG-176H Shield Generator
9- Docking Claw Attachment/Umbilical Hardpoint x2
10- SSA-321D Leading Edge Sensor Array
11- SSA-324H (Omni-Directional Sensor Pod) x4
12- Atmospheric Control Surface (typ)
13- Stellar Hydrogen Intake x4
14- SAM-28X Hardpoint x6
15- GM-64-3-G (312rds) x2
16- Nose Gear/De-Grav Generator
17- SAM-281 Long Range Intercept Missile
18- Main Landing Gear/De-Grav Generator x2
19- Dorsal Stabilizer x2
20-Cockpit Module (2 Seat)
21- SSA-322F (Forward Sensor Array)
22- Stellar Hydrogen Intake/Thermal Exhaust Vent x2
23- Shark Launcher 2×1
24- Low Profile Blackbody Thermal Vent x28
25- U5 Plasma Drive x3
26- SAM-281 External Large Missile Pallet x6

Detailed Images

Mass Driver Cannon Ports, Plaser Cannons

Central Engine Intake.Thermal Exhaust, Docking Latches

Main Plasma Exhaust/Thrust Vector Ring, Maneuvering Cluster

Engine Nacelle and Missile Launhcers

Forward Fuselage Detail

Missile and Torpedo Launchers

Black Body Thermal Radiators and Missile Tube Exhausts

Reverse Thruster Open

Additional Images/Example Color Schemes