Name: Shinekian
Pronunciation: Shi-neck-ien
Homeworld: Shian
Political Affiliation: UCSB
Incorporation Date: 0.001CD
Government Type:
Imperial Matriarchy
Genetic Class:
Nitrogen Gas Metabolizing
(Neutral Amino-Acid)
Sensory Organs: OTGES
Visual Spectrum: UI
2 (Male/Female)/Egg Laying
Gestation: 90 cycle
Litter Size: 10-20
Sexual Maturity: 7-8 annura
Life Span:
_____Male: 25 annura
_____Female: 45 annura
Ave. Height:
_____Male: 9 Metra
_____Female: 12 Metra
Ave. Mass:
_____Male: 25 Kilobar
_____Female: 28 Kilobar

Physical Description:

Easily the most fearsome in appearance of any Confed race besides the Gorvian. The Shinekian are an ebony exoskeletoned silicate insect race that has evolved to stand vertically. Shinekian have six, triple segmented limbs that are all multijointed giving them great dexterity. The Shinekian torso is separated into four main segments, except for the females which have a fifth tail segment which houses their reproductive organs.

Shinekians also have long stinger like tails, which are typically as long as the Shinekian is tall while standing. Shinekian females are distinguishable as being three metra taller then the males and by having larger more impressive skull plating.

The Shinekian have large bumpy heads that can be as long as three metra. The skull bones are interlaced into intricate patterns that are unique to each Shinekian. Males typically have a spiked ridge along the crest of their skulls while female skulls are more v-shaped flattening out into impressive crests. The Shinekian have no visible eyes or ears, instead their whole head is receptor of energy and vibration giving them omni- directional vision and excellent “hearing.” The Shinekian mouth makes up the lower half of the front of the Shinekian head and is filled with several rows of razor sharp teeth which tend to be constantly covered with thick mucousy secretions.

Shinekian limbs terminate into multijointed three-fingered talon like appendages with only a small palm joining them. The fingers are each half as long as the lower arm segment and end in sharp claws capable of digging into solid rock.

Shinekians have no visible sexual organs but it is known that the fifth segment on females contains an egg sack large enough to hold up to twenty fertilized eggs at a time. The Shinekian are reluctant to reveal how they breed, but it is believed to involve the removal of the stinger tip from a male’s tail. Shinekian males are only able to breed once as a result because the stinger does not grow back, where as females are usually able to breed multiple times. Shinekian females are fertile once an annura upon reaching maturity.

Like with most silicate races the Shinekian have no internal respiratory system, instead they absorb air through their skin. Shinekians are in fact nitrogen breathers and expel oxygen as a byproduct, though the expelled oxygen is often described as feeling wet infact the presence of Shinekian in a room typically raises the ambient humidity several percent. Shinekians can “hold their breath” up to two hects in complete vacuum making them great space explorers and excellent vacuum mechanics.


Shinekians evolved from a hive mind insect race ruled over by the queens. Somewhere in their evolution the Shinekian developed the ability to interbreed between males and females, cutting the queen out of the pictures. Queens are still maintained as figureheads though they no longer maintain the role of exclusive breeders. The Shinekian have no idea if the world they currently label as they homeworld is infact the world of their original origin. Archeological evidence has found fossil remains of Shinekians on over two-dozen different worlds, though the oldest fossils do exist on Shian. It is believed that the Shinekian were seeded to other worlds by other races and judging by the fossil remains possibly as trophy game, as most fossils are missing their heads and have exoskeleton damage attributable only to a violent end.

Shinekian history cannot recall a time when they were not space travelers moving on either slo-ships or slipstream craft. The Shinekian however have few if any scientists amongst their race and as a whole are the least formally educated. However because they maintain a limited hive mind, despite having developed individual personalities, they have created a bypass to genetic memory so each generation knows, for the most part, what each previous generation knew. Despite this they have little memory of any events prior to their first contact with the Breshig empire.

The Shinekian have maintained relations with the Breshig as long as 1000 annura before the formation of the UCSB. They were often employed as Breshig body guards because of their fearsome appearance, despite the fact that they are in fact extremely peace loving. When enraged however a Shinekian is a fearsome warrior and will attack with lightening speed.

The Shinekian joined into the war against the Vedekian a little over an annura after the four race accord was signed. The Shinekian would have preferred to have remained neutral but when a Shinekian colony world was attacked the Shinekian dropped all pretense of neutrality and joined in the assault on the Vedekian. The Shinekian were also one of the first seven founding members of the UCSB. The Shinekian have been slow to expand beyond their limited holdings despite offers to allow them onto worlds that would be otherwise uninhabitable by other races. Many believe that there is some nagging doubt from the past in the Shinekians collective memory that they are not quite able to acknowledge which keeps them from expanding, but they do not speak of it.


Despite their fearsome appearance the Shinekian are one of the most peaceful and kindest races in the galaxy. It is not uncommon to find a Shinekian tending to damaged flowers and plants with the tenderness of a mother to its child. This seems to be rooted in the fact that the Shinekian’s short lifespan can only be extended by keeping their heart rate down. Shinekian’s still revere the queens, elevating them to levels of political power despite the fact that they no longer have any physical superiority other then longer life.

Major Religions:

Other then queen worship the Shinekians have no true religion and seem to have a hard time conceiving of anything beyond their own experiences. It is believed that the Shinekian are only slightly above an evolutionary level mentally of that of animals. They do however show levels of sentience unless separated on their own or in small groups for long periods of time. Once separated for prolonged time they tend to revert to an animalistic level, this is believed to be another reason why they are slow to expand.


Shinekian philosophy can be summed up in the two mantras they are often found repeating: “The Queen is All.” And “Stay calm, live long.”


As of UCSB Census Date 1000: 100 billion including all colony worlds.


Shinekians tend to make excellent farmers and their major exports are food stuffs which are uncommonly free of any imperfections or flaws. Shinekians also tend to be sought out for performing repetitive construction line labor as the otherwise mind-numbing work is seen as a blessing to them. Shinekians are also still sought out as body guards but as a body guard they do not last longer then a few months before needing temporary replacement so they can rejoin their colony. On the whole Shinekian lifespan has increased 10% in the last century but unless a major breakthrough is discovered it is believed that the average lifespan of Shinekians will never breach 50 annura.

Psionicism- Shinekians as a whole possess a low level telepathic link, that still links them to the hive mind, but have no psionic abilities beyond that.


The Shinekians have no true sub-species, save the queens, which, while able to be birthed by any Shinekian mating, are still quite rare. Queens are also the longest lived of the Shinekian and are the only Shinekians known to breach fifty years in age consistently. Biologists have been able to find no conclusive evidence as to why this is, the Shinekians silicate nature making study of them difficult.