Personnel File

Name:Chris Anit
Rank:Cadet, former E-4 “Specialist”
Date of Birth (UCSB):978.039
Place of Birth:Scibe City, Anul
Species: Anulian-Human
Genetic Specialty:Chamalad
Height (Me):5.8
Mass (KiloBar):13.3
Hair Color:Black with Red Streak
Eye Color:Grey
Political Affiliation:UCSB
Primary MOS:Spec Ops Cadet
Secondary MOS:Aerosapce Craft Pilot Cadet
Weapon Proficiencies:Combat Knife, Pp-96-A Plaser Pistol, PMD-52-E Main Battle Rifle, P-75-C CQB Plaser Rifle
Ship Qualifications:Splicer 1000 (Flight Training)
Assignment:Camp Shen: (996.011-996.061) {Enlistment Training}
Moritin Lunar Station: (996.081-996.380) {Spaceborne Infantry Training}
623rd Spaceborne Infantry Regiment: (996.381-1000.140)
(996.381-998.390): DEL-756 UCSBS-Rermare (RFS*)
(998.001-999.156): CR-21841 UCSBS-Corique (DIA*)
(999.191-1000.137): CAT-002 UCSBS-Trib’Kibal 
UCSBA-13: (1000.138- Current) {Officer Candidate Training}
Certifications:Level 5: Hand to Hand Combat, Small Arms 
Level 4: Archery, Communications, Survival Skills, Electronics Repair, Swimming, Mathematics, Mechanical Repair
Level 3: EVA Specialty, Mechanical Design 
Level 2: Tactics, Reactor Design
Level 1: First Aid, Leadership, Atmospheric Pilot, Navigation
School (Degree):Kalden School, Hang Dor, Anul: (Grad: 995.375) {Scores available}
Aerospacecraft Tech Training: (Grad: 996.379) {ASC Mx* Certified}
Suben Technical Interweave College: (998.141-1000.119) {Mechanical Engineering Degree, Xfer to UCSBA-13}
UCSBA-13: (1000.141-Current {(Major: Starship Engineering, Minor: Psychology, In Progress}
Significant Events:995.361: Enlistment sign up
996.051: Assigned to Space Forces Infantry.
999.156: Destruction of UCSBS-Corique
999.169: Initial Application to UCSB Officer Academy Rejected
999.190: Completion of Physical and Psychological Rehabilitation
999.226: Promotion to E-4 “Specialist”
1000.066: Application to Special Operations Command, Forwarded
1000.097: Application to Special Operations Command, Accepted
1000.121: Official Transfer to Space Fleet Officer Candidacy from Spaceborne Infantry Service

Personality Profile:

Squad Leader Lieutenant Dolman Stager, CAT-002, 623rd SIR, UCSB Date: 999.364

Born in Scibe City Anul to the third daughter to the reigning queen of the Chamalad nation, former Special Operations officer Torishen Anit, Chris led a somewhat troubled childhood.  Though she does not speak much of it, a look at her juvenile record will show multiple run ins with the law prior to annura 993.  Though she is all but unwilling to discuss the reasoning behind it, she spent much of 993 and into 994 out of Hang Dor, where her family moved in 992, and in the Chamalad Nation under the grandmother.  This proved a turning point in her life and Chris began to accel academically and in less than three annura achieved a master rank in the Chamalad martial art of Toitoch.  

Chris’ service record has been impeccable.  She is an excellent soldier and skilled dropship mechanic, her knowledge of engines and powerplants a true asset to the confederation.  It was an honor to sign her promotion orders after her return to service.  Her interest in attending the academy, and especially the Special Operations Program, is well known.  Once she completes her mandatory eight tridec return to service evaluation I will be forwarding her application.  Should she not be accepted in SOC I recommend that she still be admitted into the officers academy and be put on a track to be Starship Engineer due to her aforementioned skills.

In regards to her removal from service;  the loss of the Corique was traumatic for all members of the crew and 623rd.  The battle the cruiser found itself in was a slaughter and over half of her platoon was killed during their orbital drop.  The incident left a lasting scar on the specialist and a hatred of the Galactic Federation that will fuel her career.  I however recommend that her file regarding the incident remain sealed to all but command personnel.  Though it was not added to her record, she has had at least one altercation, that I know of, with her fellow soldiers in regards to mentioning of the incident and the loss of her close squadmate Kerjus Simloke.